Dyslexia Assessments

Dyslexia Assessments offer a number of different types of Dyslexia assessment. More »

Secondary Education Students

During a student’s secondary school career it is important that our young people are given the right support. More »

Primary Education Students

If a child is to succeed during some of the most important years of their life then often they need to have their potential unlocked. More »

Higher Education Students

For many people in further and higher education it is often a great relief for them to be told that specific learning difficulties can be the cause of low grades. More »


Dyslexia Assessments – Making Learning Happen

Dyslexia Assessments provide services to both children and adults who need a dyslexia test or dyslexia assessment throughout the West Midlands including Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Solihull.

Dyslexia Assessments’ Clients can be confident of a high quality assessment by an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) who holds an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) from PATOSS for assessing Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia

Dyslexia Assessments specialise in the assessment of Dyslexia and other literacy difficulties.  Our Dyslexia Tests can show how people with these difficulties approach their learning.

Our approach allows all people with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties the chance to achieve their full potential.

Dyslexia Assessments also uncover the positive aspects of an individual. We firmly believe that we should start with a firm understanding of a person’s strengths before we outline their challenges.

We are then able to provide full assessments that help identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and the particular level of support that may be needed.  This is then turned into a full written report which can be shared with individuals, schools, employers and other organisations including applications for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs).

Why are dyslexia assessments needed? The Dyslexia Institute (now Dyslexia Action) reported that undiagnosed dyslexics could earn £50,000 less over their lifetime and be more likely to have health problems. In addition, they are more likely to struggle at school and gain fewer qualifications.

In order to help people at risk of Dyslexia, we have a created a unique model of assessment for children, students and adults to offer quality and consistency. In addition, we also tailor our approach to specific needs.  Adults, schools, parents, and students can be confident that they have the information they need to make the most of learning and support opportunities open to them. Please get in touch with us at Dyslexia Assessments to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment today.

Disability Students’ Allowances

Disability Students’ Allowances (posted 17/8/12)

People work hard to get to university but often don’t understand why they find large parts of their work difficult. Higher education is designed to be challenging but sometimes this challenge can be made even more so because of a learning disability. However, these often go un-diagnosed because they are invisible to the naked eye. This is why it is important anyone who suspects they may be eligible has an assessment.